Nechapanuk CFS Caregivers Receive Trauma Informed Care Training with CTRI

Nechapanuk CFS Caregivers – February 22, 2020

As part of the disability project 2019-2020, funded by Indigenous Services Canada, SFNFCI is working with First Nations Child and Family Services to identify ways to increase awareness and understanding of disabilities. On February 22, 2020 Nechapanuk caregivers gathered in Nipawin SK, to receive Trauma Informed Care at the Generations Event Center. There were a total of 24 caregivers who participated in the 1 day training, facilitated by Noela Crowe-Salazar of Crisis & Trauma Resources Institute (CTRI).

The Trauma Informed Care training helps individuals identify how to build a trauma-informed culture in a workplace setting that integrates knowledge throughout the organization, and develop an understanding of the pervasive impact of trauma on individual health and relationships. Guiding principles were explored for increasing emotional and physical safety, culturally sensitive empowerment, and creating greater resilience for all parts of an organization. 

SFNFCI would like to thank the following: Rona McKay and the Nechapanuk Caregivers for participating in the training, Pat from the Generations Event Center in Nipawin for the great service and venue, CTRI for the course and Noela Crowe-Salazar for facilitating the training.

For more details on up-coming Disability Project Events, please check out our Calendar of Events, http://www.sfnfci.ca/events.html

Contact Shelley Thomas Prokop, Director of Programs, shelley@sfnfci.ca

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