Training at SFNFCI 


Given the histories of First Nations people in Saskatchewan.  SFNFCI is committed to providing training that reflects culturally relevant, sensitive, and trauma informed curriculum.  All three approaches are interconnected and recognize the history of First Nations people.

  • Culturally relevant means the curriculum is developed to be flexible and informed of First Nations in Saskatchewan.  It is not centric to any particular First Nations Group, however, is developed so common values and practices are the foundation of the curriculum. 

  • Sensitive means the curriculum is developed to have an appreciation of each person the learner is working with (emotional intelligence).  This includes activities and exercises that assist the learner to be sensitive to the experiences and histories of those they work with and respond in ways that are respectful and strengths based.

  • Trauma informed curriculum means developing curriculum that includes activities and exercises that recognize the trauma those they are working with or are still experiencing.  This approach can assist the learner to better understand how to help those in the community.

SFNFCI offers both community based training opportunities, and training's held at our classroom in Saskatoon. To register for any training opportunities or professional development opportunities held in our classroom, please view our Calendar of Events


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