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Customary Standards of Care, February 11, 2011

In 2008-2009 the First Nations Family & Community Institute worked with a group of First Nations Group home, therapeutic, and stabilization and assessment group home Managers and Ministry of Social Service representatives to further develop the Customary Standards of Care. The result was a document that guides the homes using provincial policy and relevant standards, criteria, and indicators.  This format provides ongoing direction to homes to follow policy and internally evaluate their alignment to standards.

The Customary Standards of Care was approved by the Legislative Assembly of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) on February 16,  2011.  A copy of the resolution is located at the end of the document.


For a copy of the Customary Standards of Care please click on the image below:

The Customary Standards of Care, 2011 received a letter of equivalency from the Ministry of Social Services in October 2013.

Customary Standards of Care Letter of Equivalency


First Nations Group Home Managers Manual, June 2018

Saskatchewan First Nation’s Group Home’s follow the Customary Standards of Care and their respective supporting local policies and procedures. Group Home Managers are responsible for leading their staff and providing an overall structure for the group home and the children and youth who reside there.  This manual is designed to be a guide for Group Home Managers.

This manual is designed and formatted for easy reference, and refers extensively to the Customary Standards of Care for Saskatchewan First Nations Group Home, Assessment and Stabilization, Therapeutic and Treatment Programs. This manual is intended to sum up what the CSC describes as what needs to be done to meet the standards in an easy way for managers to see what might be needed. Additional suggestions and links are included which might be useful.


To download and preview a copy  of the First Nations Group Home Managers Manual please click the image below: