Online Workshop - Lateral Violence

Location: Online

Date: Self-Paced

Time: Self-Paced – 60 days to complete

Cost: $260/per person

Facilitator: Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI)


SFNFCI is pleased to bring you the following training provided by the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI). This workshop is an on-demand training that can be completed within 60 days of sign in. All registered participants will receive access by email address.




At its core, lateral violence is misdirected anger. It causes us to harm others based on what’s been done to us by someone else. This can cause a complex web of infighting that damages relationships, organizations, and communities.

But it is possible to break the cycle of lateral violence through lateral kindness.

Lateral kindness is based on Indigenous values that create healthier relationships, such as respect and fairness. In this workshop, you will explore the impacts of lateral violence and learn practical steps for conflict resolution to help stop the cycle. You will improve your personal awareness and communication skills so you can practice lateral kindness and resolve conflict, repair relationships, and prevent lateral violence.


Learning Objectives


Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the root causes of lateral violence, with an emphasis on prior traumatic experiences
  • List the types and severity of lateral violence
  • Describe the stages of lateral violence escalation
  • Identify styles of conflict interaction
  • Recognize the importance of compassion and lateral kindness
  • Summarize key steps toward a resolution process


Some of the Topics Reviewed

  • Foundations of Prior Trauma and Oppression
  • Types of Lateral Violence
  • Escalation of Lateral Violence
  • Lateral Kindness
  • Working Towards Solutions
  • Dealing with Misunderstandings
  • Finding Your Conflict Interaction Style
  • Anger Escalation Cycle
  • Different Styles of Communicating
  • Preventing Lateral Violence


Note: 100% attendance is required to receive course certification. The withdrawal policy can be viewed at


Deadline for registration: Mar 20, 2023


For more information please contact:


SFNFCI Learning Operations Coordinator - Carrie Shingoose, 306-202-9835 or

SFNFCI Learning Operations Consultant - Juanita Wolfe-306-716-7037 or



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