Online Workshop - Challenging Behaviours in Youth

Location: Online

Date: Self-Paced

Time: Self-Paced – 60 days to complete

Cost: $146/per person

Facilitator: Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI)


SFNFCI is pleased to bring you the following training provided by the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI). This workshop is an on-demand training that can be completed within 60 days of sign in. All registered participants will receive access by email address.



For those who work with youth, managing challenging behaviours that interfere with development, learning, or success can be both frustrating and exhausting. This workshop will review challenging behaviours related to aggression, non-compliance, and attention-seeking, and will provide a framework for intervening with these behaviours. Participants will analyze the effectiveness of their current approach and develop insights into what is happening when attempts at intervention do not work. Guidelines for structuring interactions for positive outcomes will be given, and a coaching model to bring out the best in youth who exhibit challenging behaviour will be provided.

Please note: This workshop does not provide training for clinical therapy or review clinical conditions that may lead to challenging behaviours.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the function of challenging behaviours
  • Apply a coaching framework for behaviour change
  • Evaluate their current intervention style
  • Apply a framework for behaviour change
  • Support children and youth in managing challenging behaviours


Some of the Topics Reviewed

  • What is Challenging Behaviour?
  • Your Response and the Role of Empathy
  • When Challenging Behaviour Escalates
  • Coaching and Providing Direction
  • Finding Your Interaction Style
  • Positioning Yourself to Coach
  • Behaviour Guidance Strategies
  • A Coaching Model for Challenging Behaviours
  • Managing Aggressive Behaviours
  • Strategies for Noncompliance Behaviours
  • Working with Attention Seeking Behaviours


Note: 100% attendance is required to receive course certification. The withdrawal policy can be viewed at


Deadline for registration: Mar 20, 2023


For more information please contact:


SFNFCI Learning Operations Coordinator - Carrie Shingoose, 306-202-9835 or

SFNFCI Learning Operations Consultant - Juanita Wolfe-306-716-7037 or




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