28 - 29

Communication Skills in a Group Home Setting

Location: SFNFCI Classroom - Saskatoon, SK

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Cost: $325/person


This two-day course will focus on basic communication skills for Group Home Workers. Participants will examine their own communication styles; learn key elements of communication including: listening with empathy, responding with patience, and impacts of non-verbal communication; apply effective communication skills to build positive relationships; motivational interviewing; and using impactful communication skills when dealing with difficult or resistant clients or during crisis or conflicts.


Key Competencies

Key competencies are defined as the knowledge, skills and abilities that have been identified as necessary to work effectively in Saskatchewan First Nation Group Homes.


  • To understand key elements of models of communication.
  • To demonstrate essential elements of effective communication skills.
  • To use essential communication skills to build trust and reduce conflict (including verbal and non-verbal communication).
  • To use essential communication skills in building positive relationships.


Note: 100% attendance is required to receive course certification.


Deadline for registration: May 21, 2024


For more information please contact:


Carrie Shingoose, Learning Operations Coordinator – or 306-202-9835

Juanita Wolfe, Learning Operations Consultant – or 306-716-7037



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